There are many New Markets - both at home and abroad - that can be reached using online tools and channels. (You should also check out the Online B2B Business Networks and Market Places.) Here we set out those that you can use to reach out to potential clients:

The full range of Kompass' Lead Generation services is explained here so that you can choose the right one for you. With targeted segmentation & smart leads, Kompass can help you generate more revenue over the long term.


Whilst the wealth of information available online is undeniable, 82% of sales people feel overwhelmed by the amount of information and the time it takes to investigate leads. To help resolve this problem, Kompass has developed ByPath.


  • Over 200 million contacts - across 15 countries
  • Over 33 million companies and over 20 million emails
  • Over 200,000 online media sources

ByPath uses interactive and real-time Big Data analysis along with a customised ecosystem (customers, competitors, partners) to create connections between key individuals within and beyond your business network.

Your targeted alerts will help you build your social network connections and engage more effectively with the most likely business prospects.

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Of course, once you have identified your target, potential clients you will have to focus your Advertising and Marketing Campaigns accordingly.